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Welcome to the Concours Store.  Currently we are offering 2 Raffles for the 2019 season.  Please support our Charity, Todays's Harbor for Children, by your purchase.
Please see the details for each item regarding the ticket pull date.
Note that the Boat raffle will only have 1000 tickets. Once those are gone we will close the boat Raffle Sales.
thank you for your continued support of our show and our mission.
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Please click HERE if you are trying to enter your car or boat in our show.
---the Keels & Wheels Concourse d'Elegance Team
  Keels and Wheels

Kip Waenko 2018 Honorary Chief Automobile Judge

 Honorary Chief Automobile Judge

Kip Wasenko 

2019 Raffle

There will only be 1000 tickets available for the Boat Raffle.

Chief Boat Judge Clay Thompson

Chief Boat Judge

Clay Thompson

CONCOURS CHAIRMAN | Bob Fuller | P.O. Box 156, Seabrook, TX 77586 | Phone: 713.521.0105 | Email:
Event Manager | Laura Power | P.O. Box 156, Seabrook, TX 77586 | Phone: 713.521.0105 | Email:
SPONSOR RELATIONS | Chris Ann Conn | League City, TX | Phone: 713.252.9525 | Email:


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